ddos protection

Empower yourself against DDoS.

The main objective of these attacks is to block access to the web site for a while...

DDoS, that is, Distributed Denial of Service Attack, is a type of attack used to go beyond a capacity offered by an internet service in order to inactivate such service.

The purpose of the DDoS attack is to prevent accessibility. It makes the target system unusable/inaccessible for a while. Loss of data as a result of DDoS attacks is rare.

DDoS attacks do not always occur over requests beyond capacity. The weaknesses in the target system also have similar risks in terms of the accessibility of the system.

DDoS attacks are generated from multiple sources. These sources can be hundreds or more. For that reason, it is impossible to stop the attacks by blocking a single IP. It is rather difficult to distinguish between the traffic created by the attacks that are distributed to different origins and the legitimate user traffic.

Mediatriple CDN infrastructure monitors unreal visitor habits through artificial intelligence algorithms that are specially developed for DDoS and ensures protection through learning systems.


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