Support for multiple requests shortens the opening times of web sites.

The Http 2.0 support integrated with Mediatriple CDN involves security as well as speed.

Mediatriple CDN offers both speed and security thanks to its integrated HTTP 2.0 technology. HTTP/2.0 offers a fast web site experience that is protected with SLL certification.

While Http 1.1. protocol, dating back to 1999, still continues to be actively used besides this protocol, which has become adapted to new technology; it is rather weak in terms of performance values.

Http 2.0 support supported by Mediatriple content distribution network, is also supported in versions after IE 11, Firefox v.36 and Chrome v.40 versions.

Http/2, prioritizing the significance of connection between the web browser and web servers, has additional features such as Server Push and Top Header. In this way, it is aimed to ensure effective use of the network traffic by fast data downloading and less data usage. When you connect to a web site, your server initially conforms to TCP protocol and tries to throw data piece by piece, by dividing it into fixed-size packets. The top header compression technology on Http/2 can compress the whole data into the size of a single packet and can send it at once. Therefore, it saves from every request/response time of TCP.

Mediatriple CDN works in conformity with Http 2.0. This feature, which also includes SSL support, can run in a faster and safer manner without tiring your central server fed by Content Distribution Infrastructure.

We can explain to you the benefits we provide for your web site and we can accelerate your web site with our solution offers.