acceleration services

We undertake all your traffic load with Mediatriple Smart Cache Structure.

fast website = happy visitor

Mediatriple's acceleration service ensures that content on your website is delivered to your users in a much faster manner. The Acceleration Service is primarily based on high-capacity Cache Servers offering value-added services, which are available at different geographical locations. Thus, your corporate content is delivered from the most efficient (IO Load and Bandwidth) location smoothly, without getting affected by high traffic levels.

Delivery of data not only in the fastest but also in the most secure manner, is a part of the solution offered by Mediatriple.

Static Content Acceleration Service

The static content (swf, image, css and js files, etc.) available on web sites have high hit rates despite their small data size. Static content acceleration services enables IO Load optimization as well as bandwidth optimization.

The Acceleration Service is integrated in 2 different topologies.

  • Origin Storage + Edge Storage/em>
  • Edge Storage/em>

High capacity acceleration service enables your web site to open faster. This service, which is essential for the continuity of the visitors and for the optimization of search engines, can be accessed in a fast manner.

Dynamic Content Acceleration Service

Due to its nature, dynamic content makes forward and backward calls to the origin server repeatedly; which requires an end-to-end solution as the majority of it is not suitable for caching.
Acceleration of dynamic content involves acceleration method-based distinctions and preliminary content. Whereas Get, Post and Head stand out as the main methods, different methods and techniques could be devised and implemented during the application and integration processes. In this way, the Mediatriple Dynamic Content Acceleration service optimizes the delay time of the desired content and the varying round trip time.
Dynamic content Acceleration service involves a TCP Algorithm in addition to an advanced DNS match to accelerate the transfer of the packages on the network layer, thus, enables package loss while dealing with potential network congestion issues.

Instead of launching a new connection for each incoming request, the Dynamic Content Acceleration service repeats HTTP connections between edge servers and origin servers and among the edge servers.
Our acceleration services accelerate your content by determining the cacheable part of the dynamic content and performing the corresponding operation.

Web Site Acceleration Service

Website Acceleration Service is offered in cache structure, including html, in addition to the dynamic and static contents. By using this service, your web site sustains even when your origin servers cannot be accessed. Downtime is determined, managed and priced during the integration process.

We can explain to you the benefits we provide for your web site and we can accelerate your web site with our solution offers.