Futurist Perspective on Content Distribution

CDN service offers both security and speed.

With its globally distributed large infrastructure, Mediatriple CDN warrants a fast and high quality delivery of your video contents to your target audience anywhere. With its high capacity local cache structure and player support, it smoothly delivers metadata and video content through a high bandwidth distribution network.

Mediatriple CDN infrastructure offers all the protocol and technology support for the distribution of content in different qualities and resolutions and it ensures scattered storage thanks to its CDN structure prioritizing content security.

  • Microsoft Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Adobe Dynamic Streaming
  • Apple HLS
  • Mpeg DASH

Mediatriple CDN infrastructure records real-time utilization information thanks to broad and detailed reporting capability. Reporting, which comes to the foreground as an integral part of CDN service; plays the most important role in determining the future strategies.

Non-stop Mediatriple CDN infrastructure offers you the service you desire with 99.98% non-stop service warranty, without any restrictions. In the case of instant high traffic, consumption-based CDN service brings the advantage to "pay as much as you use".

  • Live Streaming (Live Streaming)

Mediatriple CDN minimizes delay times and ensures fast and secure live streaming in professional quality. Multi bitrate-Multi Platform support allows users to have the best experience on different devices and screens.

  • VoD Streaming

All your cloud-stored Vod contents are delivered to the end user without any restriction thanks to the unlimited and high capacity bandwidth of the high capacity and globally distributed servers of Mediatriple, giving the users the opportunity to have a fast and top-level experience.

We can explain to you the benefits we provide for your videos and we can accelerate your videos with our solution offers.