live streaming

We stream your activities live on all web platforms.

You can also benefit from our live streaming experience covering more than 100 activities.

The turn-key Live Streaming service is provided online for companies to broadcast their events to the customers and to the sector in the most comprehensive way. In addition to providing the detailed production service required for Live Streaming on the web, we offer the convenience of reaching the largest audience with non-stop and high-quality broadcasts on every platform. Thanks to our experience of over 100 live streaming activities every year, any all possible difficulties are smoothly overcome by discovery and test environments.

Your individual or corporate live streaming needs are met through Mediatriple live streaming system at any location from your smart phone.

For professional web streaming;

Live streaming on the web is provided under 3 main categories:
- Production
- Encoding
- Streaming

Production: The shooting and production service necessary for streaming is provided by Mediatriple as sound, light and image within the scope of service details. It offers you every item you may need for shooting. This covers a variety of options such as the streaming that would be provided with a single camera, video-mixing with multiple cameras, Jimmy jib and aerial HD broadcasting with Drone.

Encoding: The media produced are compressed at high-quality and converted into publishable format with the most up-to-date codecs for delivery to Mediatriple CDN. In order to stream the image quality and content provided by encoding, an internet connection available in the streaming location can be used for delivery from source location to Mediatriple CDN services. In this connection cannot be established, an alternative solution is created by using a Live Streaming tool or Mobile internet.

Streaming: Streaming services are used to enable the audience watch online broadcastings without any problems. For live streaming on the web, streaming services are integrated with Mediatriple CDN services. Thus, your live streams can be delivered to the audience on web and mobile platforms without any limitation, disruption or image loss.

Live streaming on the web is an activity-based service which is priced on hourly and daily basis depending on the target audience.

On All Platforms: Websites, Mobile apps, Facebook, Youtube, Scope (periscope)
Your live broadcasts can be streamed on any platform you desire. Live streaming on social media platforms is done via Mediatriple Services.

Player Support:
One of the most important points in live streaming is the Player and Player Functions. In this context, your live event streaming also includes Player support, which can be displayed on the web and on mobile platforms, is integrated with social media and which is capable of displaying advertisements on demand and serving every platform.

In-house Streaming– Secure Stream
It is possible to use web streaming media as live streaming with limited access. With professional authorization, integration with structures such as LDAP and Active Directory is enabled. Organizations that do not use these facilities, can also use secure stream with username and password. In this way, unauthorized third parties cannot access or watch the streams.

Events that can go live on the web include:

Corporate/Individual Event Streaming
Concert Streaming
Educational content Live Streaming
Press Conferences
In-house contact meetings

You can live stream on the web to be heard by your target audience.