Monitoring Service watches your live streams 24/7.

It gets integrated with all CDN/Datacenter-independent stream service. It is compatible with Web and mobile streams. It reports any error, together with its source within seconds.

'Blackout', is not a pleasant situation in streaming. Regardless of the source of problem, it is necessary to monitor the stream to be aware of such situation, if it appears. It wouldn't be professional to learn that your stream has blacked out, through the e-mails or warnings. For this reason, Mediatriple offers value-added Monitoring Services with its CDN services

Monitoring Service continuously watches your Video and Audio streams from different locations and within about 135 seconds, it generates alert notifications about any problem that may arise at any point of the process.

  • If you offer your streaming service through Mediatriple CDN, the Monitoring Service will be readily open for all your streaming
  • If you offer streaming service through an external CDN and/or Datacenter, you can use the Monitoring Service externally.

Error Message Examples:

Encoder BasedStream Server BasedStream Content Based
Encoder is InaccessibleStream Server is InaccessibleBlackout
Encoder Doesn't WorkStream Server Doesn't WorkFrozen Frame
Encoder Frame LossStream Server BandwidthAudio Problem
Encoder Bandwidth

It is difficult to manage multiple services in each operation. Monitoring Service that works through e-mail notifications, can be integrated with the applications you use for your organization. It operates on web service and/or mobile notification basis. In this way, the Organization does not get out of the process enabling the current operation management and staff do not change habits.

Try our Monitoring Service to be instantly aware of the problems in your streaming.