brotli support

Open-Source Compression Algorithm

It can compress data 20% and 25% more than Gzip.

Brotli, is an open-source compression algorithm announced by Google in September 2015 and it is designed to provide users with high-speed internet. The open-source algorithm of Brotli can compress data 20% or 25% more compared to file compression and opening algorithm of Gzip. In terms of raw data, the ratio can reach up to 70%.

In this way, your web site opens faster and the traffic load is balanced. Consequently, your web site can be accessed faster thanks to less data transfer.

  • As well as speed, less data consumption brings satisfaction to the end-user particularly because of the consumption quotas on mobile services.
  • Especially on mobile devices, files compressed with Brotli will tire the processor less and thus, have a positive effect on battery levels and speed performance of these devices.
  • Mediatriple CDN can get integrated with Brotli feature to accelerate the page opening speeds.


  1. A user accesses a web site or web application running on a server that supports Brotli.
  2. The browser informs the server about the type of content it will open with Accept-Encoding header.
  3. Based on the requesting compression algorithms, the server determines which type of compressed content to deliver.
  4. The server then, sends the browser Content-coding header specifying the method used.
  5. The browser opens the data first, then displays it on the page.

As a result, Brotli remains as a server plugin for the individuals and businesses managing their own servers, for web co-location providers and content delivery networks (CDN). Supporting this new compression algorithm will not only reduce the bandwidth costs of the customers of web co-location providers and CDNs, but will also accelerate the page loading time across the Web.

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